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Welcome to the home of William T. Baker & Associates. We thank you for your interest in our architectural services as every client we serve is both appreciated and valued.

For over three decades, nationally known, award-winning, William T. Baker & Associates has redefined beautiful homes and is one of the leading international authorities focused on the traditions of architectural excellence.

Working in a number of diverse styles, it is our pleasure to discuss your next residential or commercial project.

The author of three best-selling books featuring breathtaking homes, Baker’s work is inspired by the bounty of magnificent and timeless architecture found in magnificent residences around the country. The hallmarks of his architecture embrace extraordinary attention to the details of craftsmanship and construction, with his keen eye for scale and proportion. It would be an honor to discuss your next project and we invite you to become part of the timeless world of William T. Baker & Associates.  
Thank you for your interest in William T. Baker & Associates.
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